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It truly blew my expectations away!

Nicholas Bouwer is a 21-year old student living in Weybridge, Surrey.  He is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nicholas is in the second year of his acupuncture course and plans to study tui na massage once he qualifies.  Before enroling on the course, Nicholas studied photography in South Africa.  He works at Tesco part time as they offer flexible hours to fit in with his studies.  He is also legally only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week on his student visa.

What made you decide to retrain?

The photography market died with the invention of digital and I feel that helping people is the only way I can give a true meaning to my life.

How did you find LCTA?

My acupuncturist in South Africa (Dr Motz) recommended that I speak to an acupunturist he knew in the U.K, who then recommended LCTA as his daughter was studying with the College.

What were the main factors that influenced your choice of College?

I looked around and LCTA seemed the most professional, also the recommendation went a long way.

What is your favourite subject on the course?

It’s truly hard to choose but I would say Chinese Medicine Theory or physiology and pathology so far.

How are you finding the course?

It is fascinatingly interesting, the vastness of knowledge one can acquire seems endless.

What are your fellow students like?

There is great diversity among colleagues, each with there own life experience in various fields from medicine to law or the arts. I feel that everyone is ultimately in this to benefit other individuals through treatments so they are good people.

What do you think of the LCTA staff and tutors?

The staff are lovely and the tutors are fairly different in their ways, each offering things to be learned or approaches to consider.

What do you like most about the course?

The part I like most is treating, seeing a result right before your eyes will always be the most satisfying aspect.

Is it what you expected it to be?

It truly blew my expectations away and presented me with a College, staff and colleagues I couldn’t have dreamed of. The professional feel caters very well to me personally.

What are you most looking forward to this year in your studies?

Learning more about Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Will you be taking any other courses?  If so, why?

As mentioned before I would love to do the tui na after this degree as a supplement to my treatments, as I have seen its effectiveness in class from other students who are studying it.

What is it like to be a student at LCTA?

An enjoyable experience, a lot is done to help us along and keep us at the level we need to be at. I don’t feel that the lecturers leave anyone behind.