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The Statutory Regulation of herbal medicine in the UK

A letter from Emma Farrant of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine:

This is possibly your last chance to make the government listen

As you may know, we have learned that Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Health may be making a decision any day now about how to regulate the herbal medicine sector, following the Department of Health’s consultation on this matter.
There is a very real possibility that the government is considering a “light touch licensing scheme” instead of granting us Statutory Regulation. This would be disastrous for the future of herbal medicine and we herbalists in the UK.

Each of the professional associations that make up the EHTPA, including the RCHM, is urging its members to write to Andy Burnham now, in order to have an impact on his decision.  There has been a suggestion made to the government by some mistaken members of the public that herbalists are against statutory regulation.  We cannot allow Mr.Burnham to use this as an excuse not to regulate us.

Let’s flood Andy Burnham with letters right now, and give him serious pause for thought at the final hour.

Please use the
attached letter and send it today!

With best wishes

Emma Farrant

RCHM, Office 5, Ferndale Business Centre, 1 Exeter Street, Norwich, NR2 4QB
Telephone: 01603 623994 Fax: 01603 667557


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