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Follow the experiences of acupuncture students and graduates at LCTA and find out what it's really like to study Traditional Chinese Medicine

I have made friendships at LCTA that I know will last for many years to come

Cindy Hartwell is a 28-year old acupuncture student at LCTA.  She lives in Streatham, London, but is originally from Cape Town, South Africa.  We asked her to tell us what it’s like to be a student at LCTA:

 What are you studying?

I am currently studying Acupuncture and I am planning to study Tui Na and Oriental Herbal Medicine here as well.

What did you do before you started the course?

I am a Reiki practitioner and a Swimming Teacher.  I am still doing both part-time whilst I study.

What made you decide to retrain?

Healing is in my blood and it is my dream to contribute to this worthy and noble cause in the best way possible. When I found out about the acupuncture course at LTCA, I knew that I had found my way forward.

 How did you find LCTA?

I researched on the internet and when I found it, it seemed to tick all the boxes for me.

What were the main factors that influenced your choice of College?

Quality and a passion for healing people and a humbleness of knowing where our place is on the earth and how we fit in.  It was also very important that I would be able to leave LCTA after my course fully prepared and equipped to start my new career.

What is your favorite subject on the course?

All of them for different reasons. Chinese Medicine Theory offers interesting information, insights and challenges; Point Location is an amazing journey of discovery; Anatomy and Practitioner Development give you the tools that enable you to heal in the best possible way; whilst Qi in Practice teaches you about yourself and others in ways you’d never have expected.

How are you finding the course?

Amazing! It is a lot of work, and the adjustment and juggling of student life and work has not been without its challenges. But it’s the best thing I could have chosen, and I am very grateful to be where I am, loving every minute of it!

What are your fellow students like?

I was actually very surprised at the quality of people I have met since I started studying. They’re all mature, honest, down to earth people who are there for the same reason that I am. We’ve become very close in our class, and I have made friendships that I know will last for many years to come.

 What do you think of the LCTA staff and tutors?

The staff at LCTA are lovely, genuine people, with an insatiable passion and hunger for healing, people and bringing out the best in Acupuncture and in healing. They’re a good team!

What do you like most about the course?

Learning a new art in an environment that’s nurturing, exciting, full of knowledge and passion, is one of the things I love most about the course.

 Is it what you expected it to be?

It’s better!

Is there anything you would change?

A few things, but more on my side than anywhere else. I suppose that’s normal though.

What are you most looking forward to this year in your studies?

Learning more about it all for sure, going to the Medical Museum and hospital is a biggy on my list, and getting to needle each other is a very exciting next step too.

Will you be taking any other courses?  If so, why?

The Tui Na and Herbs, as I believe that the more tools you have the better practitioner you can be. Also, they all fit together to make a pretty impressive and powerful whole picture.

Do you know what kind of practice you want to have when you qualify?

I’d like to have a healing centre that offers Acupuncture, herbal remedies, Reiki, massage and a whole new perspective to healthy living and loving within our environment.

What is it like to be a student at LCTA?



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