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Let your dream become a reality with a student loan

Funding your acupuncture degree couldn’t be easier!

LCTA has been awarded Student Loans designation for its BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture.

This means that students who don’t hold a first degree and who wish to study Acupuncture at LCTA, can now get a loan through the Student Loans Company to help with the cost of their course fees. Until now, despite the fact that LCTA’s degree course is validated by the University of Portsmouth, the loans were not available to students attending the College.

Students taking advantage of the Student Loan facility are not required to repay their loan until they have left College and are earning at least £15,000 a year.  They are also entitled to take holidays from loan repayments during their working lives.

Bonny Williams is delighted with the news: “We have been working hard to get this designation as we know that for many of our students funding can be a problem.  We enrol a large number of career changers onto the Acupuncture course and many of them continue to work part-time in order to fund their way through the course.  The Student Loan facility will give them the flexibility to choose to focus on their studies and in some cases, to complete the course full time and begin their lives as practitioners much sooner.  It is fantastic news for the College and for many of our prospective students!”

For this current academic year students will be able to borrow £3,225 towards their fees; this amount is expected to increase each year in line with inflation. In addition students may also be eligible for loans and grants to help with living expenses.  Most EU national students are also eligible to receive a UK Government loan to help pay tuition fees and many can receive additional money – called Student Support – towards living costs.

There are still a few places left for this term’s Acupuncture course so don’t delay your dream any longer, call LCTA today on 020 8446 3332 to enrol for October 2009 and fund your studies with a student loan.

For more information on the Student Loan Company, please visit


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  Mark Whitham wrote @

Its true ! I work full time and have also successfully applied for a Student Loan for the LCTA Year 1 Acupuncture – this is being paid to me and the college in instalments. You have to apply for funding each year but it was not means tested and was a simple on-line process.

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