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What to look for in a TCM course

If you are planning a career change and are considering Oriental medicine, there are several factors that you should take into account when deciding where to train.  The single most important consideration is that of Accreditation.

Although some Oriental medicine practices are not yet fully regulated, the sector is moving in this direction.  Thus, as people turn increasingly to complementary therapies as an effective, natural alternative to orthodox medicine; the quality of your credentials as a practitioner will be a key factor in your future success.  Training at a properly accredited college is therefore absolutely crucial.

Students learn how to locate acupuncture points

Students learn how to locate acupuncture points

Visit several colleges and decide whether you like the atmosphere, the facilities and the attitude of staff and lecturers.  Find out what the courses cover and how they are taught, how much clinical experience you will have access to as part of your training and how the courses are structured.  Some colleges offer academic as well as professional qualifications and their courses are validated by universities.  Many also offer greater flexibility for career changers with full- and part-time study options.

Ensure that you will have access to a comprehensive range of Oriental medicine disciplines and give yourself the option to study more than one of them.  Practitioners often combine techniques to provide a more thorough treatment and specialist areas such as infertility benefit greatly from a mixture of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Your chosen course should give you a solid grounding in both Western and Chinese medicine, including detailed Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and the study of anatomy.  There should also be a growing focus on actual clinical experience, enabling you to graduate ready to set up in practice.  Many courses also provide fundamental business and marketing skills that will help you establish yourself as a practitioner, as well as a strong postgraduate network and the opportunity for continual professional development.

If you want to find out more about training in Oriental medicine, visit or contact LCTA on 020 8446 3332.


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